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Back to my desk

I am back in the office after my trip to the World Money Fair in Berlin.

On the positive side, for the first time in five trips, I arrived home at the scheduled time and place.

Travel in winter can be an adventure, but I am glad this time it was the London and Paris airports that were having weather or labor problems and not the Amsterdam airport that I transited through.

I experienced the cold wave in Europe only to find that in Iola it was balmy. Much of the snow that was here when I left has melted. In Berlin, though, the cold was of a kind that is typical of Wisconsin for this time of year.

The negative side of the ledger is to discover and handle what awaits me at my desk.

Was the trip worth it?

Of course – especially when my jet-fatigued mind starts functioning normally again and I can realize the full magnitude of what I experienced.

I am already thinking about next year.

Congratulations to all who worked to make the World Money Fair the success it was.

If you have never been there, it might be time for you to consider going in 2013.