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Back from the final frontier

If you are reading this at the usual time, then all is right with my blog after a server migration issue and then a problem with a local Internet provider made my life more exciting than usual.

Yesterday, when I was trying to be clever, my blog could not be posted until almost four hours after my usual time because of a local Internet service outage.

Things like this do happen, but it is uncanny that things like this tend to bunch together rather than being evenly dispersed through time.

Perhaps it is better that they bunch together because I can then put them behind me for awhile.

As you might have gathered from yesterday’s blog, I did see the Star Trek movie. I was a fan of the original TV show, which debuted 43 years ago.

There is something about getting into a jokey mood that makes it hard for me to refocus on the nuts and bolts of the hobby. I see Braille commemorative dollars are going up with the space shuttle. Rather than treat it seriously, I want to write that the Mint should arrange to send a couple of hundred million Presidential dollars into space.

You get the idea.

Perhaps a sentence to yard work will bring me back to the here and now.