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Back for Coin Chat Radio

What’s the first major task to perform when I returned to the office this morning from Berlin?

Do you think it might have something to do with Numismatic News, Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday, or something along similar lines?


Coin Chat Radio was the first thing on my agenda. We lost yesterday in transit, which would have been the day to put the program together. Instead, we are putting the radio program together even as this is written.

I have an interview with Kerry Tattersall of the Austrian Mint. He talks about the success that the silver one-ounce Philharmonic turned out to be last year and his expectations for increased mintages this year.

Another interview is with Hans-Henning Goehrum, president of the World Money Fair. He noted a decline in attendance in Berlin by Eastern Europeans who come from countries whose currencies have taken serious hits in the world financial crisis.

This did not lead to an overall decline in attendance as other collectors from elsewhere made up the difference.

Give a listen if you get the chance this afternoon at