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Award to Parrish

Claude Parrish, a member of California
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Claude Parrish, a member of California’s Board of Equalization, was awarded the California Coin & Bullion Merchant Association’s Man of the Year Award Nov. 9 in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The award was given by CCBMA President Barry Stuppler at his organization’s meeting of approximately 100 coin dealers, California legislators, businessmen and Board of Equalization staff.

For the past two years, the CCBMA has been fighting legislation proposed by California’s pawnbrokers that would require a 30-day holding period, the fingerprinting of coin sellers and electronic reporting of the seller’s personal information. It has been beaten with the help of Parrish, Carl Brakensiek, CCBMA lobbyist, Industry Council for Tangible Assets’ Diane Piret and Stuppler, representing the numismatic dealers of California.

Parrish is a candidate for California State Treasurer in 2006.

Stuppler is seeking support for the next round against Assembly Bill 1178, the pawnbrokers legislation’s current form. The legislation is scheduled for a vote by the California Assembly in January 2006. For more information on AB 1178, visit the CCBMA Web site, or send an e-mail to Barry Stuppler at, or call 818-592-2800.