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Autographs at Smythe

Autograph Auction from Smythe in NY

Normally I would not attempt to cover an autograph auction, but this one was in my catalog pile and it is presented by the noted New York coin, banknote and financial paper auction firm, Smythe. The sale is set for this afternoon and offers up all types of autographs from various areas including: Politics, entertainment, authors, Americana, animation, Hollywood and others.

The sale is highlighted by the Collection of Steven Lee Carson, who has been at this for 50 years. That duration of time really shows in the depth and breadth of the material presented in this sale.

From my personal standoint, lot 314 was the single most interesting item. It's a four page signed letter written by a schoolgirl named Lizze May Austin, which puts forth her emotional perspective of the aftermath of the devastating 1871 Chicago Fire.