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Austria celebrates army anniversary


The 60th anniversary of the Austrian Federal Army is commemorated on a silver 5-euro coin slated for a May 6 release by the Austrian Mint.

Obverse and reverse of the 2015 Austrian Federal Army commemorative 5 euro.

Obverse and reverse of the 2015 Austrian Federal Army commemorative 5 euro.

The modern Austrian army was formed in 1955 when the Allied occupation of Austria ended with the signing of the Austrian State Treaty, declaring Austria a neutral and peaceful country for all time.

The reverse depicts a rescue operation during a peacekeeping mission. The Blackhawk helicopter, key to such undertakings, is hovering in place while army personnel bring in a rescued person.

The words “Schutz und Hilfe” literally mean protection and help. It was designed and engraved by mint engraver Herbert Waehner.

The obverse of the nine-sided coin is the standard 5-euro design, with the denomination encircled by the shields of the nine federal provinces of Austria.

Signed on May 15, 1955, the Austria State Treaty brought an end to the occupation of the country in the aftermath of the World War II and re-established Austria as an independent and democratic sovereign state.

The treaty also paved the way for the foundation of the Austrian Federal Army (Bundesheer) later the same year. In addition to their duty to defend Austrian territory, the Austrian Armed Forces play a vital role in international peacekeeping and humanitarian relief missions.

The coin has a diameter of 28.5 mm, contains 8 grams of fine silver and has a fineness of .800. It is available in special uncirculated quality and will have a maximum mintage of 50,000. Each of these coins is vacuum-sealed in a colorful and informative blister pack.

Collectors in the United States and Canada may purchase the “Austrian Army” coin by contacting the Austrian Mint at

This article was originally printed in World Coin News.
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