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Arm wrestling opinions and computers

Will the coin hobby follow the rest of American life and sink into endless 50-50 opinion splits?

I don’t know, but it seems like more and more aspects of life end up with an inability to reach a consensus. I hope that never happens among collectors.

My first real experience of trying to do something with half for and half against was in the Lake Iola Lake District. In the 1990s there were a number of closely divided votes at the annual meeting on chemical treatment to control weeds. In a close vote, it was decided not to treat. The following year in a close vote the policy was reversed and it was decided to treat. In the third year in another close vote the policy was reversed again.

You get the idea. How do you represent the will of the people when that will changes so often?

That was the challenge. We got through it.

This morning I wanted to get this blog posted. My computer was saying no. Fortunately, I think I have prevailed finally.

I am sure you can identify other aspects of life from elections to neighborhood events.

The hobby of coin collecting for me has always been an oasis because on most issues views are fairly similar.

Collecting? We’re for it.

Details? Well, there can be a variety of opinions, but so far not divisively so.

I hope that never changes.