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Anticipation of new products is killing me

Initial sales figures for new Mint products will be coming soon.

Editor's note: Technical problems prevent us from including the Official First-Day Coin Cover sales figures at this time. We hope to be able to include them on Monday, March 20.

With spring right around the corner, I figured I?d do a little house cleaning with the boxes this week.

With broom in hand, I swept out the 2005 Sacagawea dollar and Ocean in View nickel figures. I was keeping them around for sentimental value, but you know how it is when you?re trying to straighten up: everything that clutters up your space must go.

To mitigate the loss, I did bring back an old favorite, the First-Day Coin Cover figures. It?s hard to believe, but the last time we updated them was way back in December, just after Christmas. I didn?t sniff the carton, but I think they?d gone bad, having passed the expiration date a long time ago.

New coin cover figures will be on the way soon, with the Nevada State Quarter First-Day Coin Cover being released March 13 and the Westward Journey Nickel Series Return to Monticello cover due out on the issue date for this edition of Numismatic News.

So far, no word on prices or ordering information for the U.S. Mint 10-coin clad proof set, which was scheduled for released March 22.

Look for initial sales figures on the 2006 platinum proof American Eagles soon. The Mint did issue a firm release date of March 24 for the coins.
As far as other things to keep an eye out for, Nebraska?s state quarter will be released April 7, followed by Colorado in June. So, we should be getting initial sales figures for Nebraska soon.

This week?s theme seems to be ?anticipation.? Anyway, send questions to