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ANS Museum Building sold for 23.9 Million !

It is done. The American Numismatic Society has sold their “close to the Financial District” building gifted to them several years ago, and only partially renovated and occupied since that time for $23.9 Million Dollars. This photo is of the William Street facade, which was often hidden under scafolding.

This is the first time that the ANS will have a big bunch of un-restricted cash to play with. May their investment plans go well.

The re-relocation is planed to take place in the second half of 2008.

The new location will be the 11th floor of a 19 story renovation by Trinity Properties at the intersection of Varick, Grand and Canal Streets, “near” SoHo and Tribeca.

It is interesting to note that this location is about 5 blocks away from a propery on Houston Street which was turned down as a location prior to the move to Fulton St.

Formerly known as 75 Varick St., the building is a block away from the Canal Street stations of the 1/9 Subway; 3 blocks for the C/E trains; 7 blocks for the N/R lines; and 9 blocks from the 4-5-6 routes (Hint: change at 42nd street for the 1, seems like old times, when one needed to go to their 155th Street location!).

I was pleased to read the Executive directors’ comments that the Harry Bass Jr. Library, and the John J. Ford Jr. areas will be modernized. That at least says to me there will be not be a major fundraising drive for new naming areas and offices for this newer location. Also of note is that conference and meeting room facilities will be "state of the art" which will be a huge improvement of the old first floor banking room currently being used for public meetings.

It seems like the best of timing that Frank Campbell has announced his retirement to occur before he has to deal with another move! I wish Frank the very best!