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ANR offers Norweb Washingtonia

A collection of Washingtonia assembled by Ms. Emery May Norweb has been consigned to American Numismatic Rarities for auction in November.
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A collection of Washingtonia assembled by Ms. Emery May Norweb has been consigned to American Numismatic Rarities for auction in November.

The pieces, many of which ANR catalogers said have not been seen since the 1950s, or have been only noted in references, will be sold in Baltimore, Md., Nov. 7-8.

A highlight is one of two known 112mm gold 1889 medals by Augustus Saint-Gaudens commemorating the centennial of George Washington?s inauguration. Both known examples were made from 18-karat gold shells. This one once belonged to J.P Morgan; the other is in the American Numismatic Society collection.

?This is it, the last segment of the magnificent Norweb collection to come to the market,? said John Pack, ANR consignment director. ?There is some really phenomenal Washingtonia included, but there are also other items, including a well-worn 1795 $10 that is labeled as ?the coin that started the collection? on its distinctive Norweb flip. It was given to a young Emery May by her grandfather, Liberty Holden, in 1908.?

Holden ?collected Washington coins and medals,? according to Q. David Bowers? The Norweb Collection: An American Legacy, making this segment the oldest part of the Norweb collections.

The collection also hold a rare 1799 Washington Skull and Crossbones funeral medal struck in gold. Lacking from the John J. Ford Jr. collection in this metal, just two examples are thought to exist, this one estimated to sell for more than $100,000.

The Washingtonia are cataloged by Baker numbers (William Spohn Baker, The Medallic Portraits of Washington, 1885). The collection includes most of the Washington pieces listed as ?colonial coins? in the Guide Book of United States Coins and a number of U.S. Mint pattern issues.

Among highlights are a choice proof example of the rare 1792 ?Roman Head? cent; a rare 1792 Washington Born Virginia/Eagle With Stars copper, Breen 1236, one of just three known according to ANR catalogers; and a 1792 Washington President/Eagle With Stars copper, unpriced in the Guide Book and missing from the Ford collection.

Also to be offered:
* 1792 Washington President/ Legend reverse copper with lettered edge.
* Two 1792 Washington Born Virginia coppers, Baker-60.
* Three different Peter Getz 1792 Washington patterns, one in silver with ornamented edge and specimens in copper with both plain edge and the ?circles and squares? ornamented edge.
* Washington/North Wales copper with two stars on either side of the harp, Baker 35. A similar specimen brought $21,850 in the December 2005 ANR sale.
* Edge varieties of the Liberty and Security halfpennies and penny of 1795
* A silver example of John Reich?s 1783-dated Washington CCAUS medal, Baker 57. Fewer than 10 are known, catalogers mentioned.
* Rare 1818 Washington Chowder Club medalet in silver, Baker 338A. Only three or four specimens are known.

There are also U.S. pattern issues depicting George Washington and other rarities, varieties, metallic variants and scarce late 19th century issues.

For more information about this auction or other ANR sales, contact John Pack at (866) 811-1804, or see ANR?s Web site for updated information,