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Mint Stats: Another strong month for gold Eagles

Gold bullion American Eagles are still hot as pistols. The one-ounce had its best month of sales in 2016 in November. It beat the previous high in October by 9,500 to reach 110,000 pieces.

Silver bullion Eagles went in the opposite direction, falling from the sales rate achieved in October to 3,061,000 pieces from 3,825,000.

The Mint has sold 19,266 of the new Limited Edition proof sets. It is basically a silver proof set with a silver American Eagle proof coin added, all for the low, low price of $139.95. It would be cheaper to buy the silver set and the Eagle coin separately.

Fort Moultrie quarter sales numbers also appear on these pages for the first time. To make space, the Blue Ridge Parkway quarter listings have been removed.

The Mint website indicates that Parkway quarters are still on sale, but the weekly statistical report has not moved in months. Should the numbers change, Blue Ridge will be brought back.


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