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And then there was one

Only the one-ounce “W” uncirculated platinum American Eagle remains on sale to collectors. The fractional sizes and the four-coin set have been taken off sale by the U.S. Mint.

The latest sales numbers show that the lowest total is currently held by the very same one-ounce coin at 980, according to this week’s Mint Statistics sales figures.

The next lowest sales total belongs to the half ounce, which is at 1,257.

Interestingly, the quarter ounce is at 1,923. When I spoke to Dan Knauth, a collector who watches these numbers closely, for last week’s Coin Chat Radio program, he was scratching his head about higher totals previously announced. Since I talked to him the reported number has declined. Good job, Dan. If something seems illogical, even with Mint reported sales numbers, perhaps it is.

The tenth-ounce sales number is 2,485 and the four-coin set stands at 2,158.

Remember, if you are trying to figure out the total mintage of any of the coins, you have to add the single-coin sales figure to the four-coin set total.

For example, the one-ounce coin is 980, and when adding 2,158 in the four-coin set, we get a current number of 3,138.

How long will the one-ounce stay on sale? I don’t have any word on that, but perhaps its final individual-coin sales total will creep closer to the numbers for the half ounce. Let’s watch and see.