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And so's your old man

“I’m going to tell mom on you.”

That childhood threat is the closest thing I can think of to characterize the present state of the American Numismatic Association campaign to elect its new board of governors.

The hyper-legalistic ecstasies being engaged in by some candidates and their supporters makes me wonder what kind of ANA they really do want.

President-to-be Barry Stuppler sent out a campaign mailing to gain votes for would-be governors that he favors. The mailing has been called a violation of bylaws by some because it says “ANA Election Material” on the envelope.

Give me a break.

His supporters counter that Cliff Mishler has put his campaign literature in his privately created and funded newsletters for local volunteers at the Milwaukee summer convention.


We have an election for the ANA board of governors and some candidates are actually campaigning. What is this world coming to?

What is particularly curious about this whole thing is the anti-incumbent faction opposing Stuppler primarily coalesced as opposition to proposed bylaws changes that would have created a nominating committee and ended most forms of election campaigning. The anti-incumbents say ANA members would be disenfranchised by these proposed changes.

That charge may be true, but then anti-incumbents should behave as if they believe in campaigning and are not simply hurling empty words at their opponents.

No formal complaints of bylaws breaches have been filed with ANA headquarters yet, so perhaps this too shall pass.

The election ends July 19.