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Ancient Greek Coinage st Stack's

Fabulous Reference Catalog for Ancient Greece

In addition to being a great opportunity to spend copious amounts of money on rare and artistic Ancient Greek coinage, the Lawrence R. Stack Collection sale set for January 14th is also a choice catalog to retain in your ancient coin reference library. Fully color illustrated with large spot glossy images, this catalog offers both solid attribution and interesting historical background for every coin offered. Held in conjunction with The Kroisos Collection of world coins this pair of auctions will bring a blast of much needed new material to the coin market.

Even if you do not collect Ancient Greek, you might want to pick up the Lawrence Stack catalog to further your familiarity with the artistry and beauty of classical Greek coinage. If you do collect these coins, there will be opportunites to expand your collection within this sale, so check it out quickly at the Stack's website today. Tomorrow we will write a posting for the Kroisos sale, but don't wait for our review, you can view lots for this sale at the Stack's site also.

Groups which caught my attention in this sale included a great run of coins from Carthage whose use of Horses in thier designs is lovely and a long run of animal themed Sicilian Didrachm and Tetradrachm.

Individual coins of high significance included lots 2034 and 2035, both Staters of Sybaris, Lucania from 453-448 B.C. and each formerly unpublished and unique. I was also taken aback by the magnificents of lot 2132, a Syracuse gold Dekadrachm in fabulous shape, of wonderful design and only the second known specimen, as well as the highly desireable and extremely rare gold Stater of Ptolemy I struck at Kyrene and designed to identify Ptolemy with the empire of Alexander the Great. The use of elephants on the reverse design is stunning on this Egyptian rarity.