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ANA takes back award

The calendar will turn the page to April on Wednesday. Spring is supposed to be here in Iola, but fresh snow frustrates those of us who believe the calendar.

Frustration of another kind perhaps is occurring on the American Numismatic Association Board of Governors.

One of the leftover items in my notebook from the March 6 meeting in Portland is a motion relating to the former executive director Christopher Cipoletti.

A twice-delayed arbitration is supposed to occur in April. The ANA board would like to get the matter of Cipoletti’s firing in 2007 behind it. Will it be delayed again? We’ll see.

One thing that wasn’t delayed was a request by former president Bill Horton to strip Cipoletti of a Presidential Award that Horton had given him in the final minutes of his presidency during the banquet at the Milwaukee summer convention in 2007.

When President Barry Stuppler brought the matter up at the tail end of the meeting, a motion was made by Vice President Patti Finner and Seconded by Gov. Walter Ostromecki to rescind the Presidential Award at Horton’s request.

Former ANA President Bob Campbell commented to the board, “I think it is a bad idea.” He also said it was hurtful.

Legal Counsel Ron Sirna said the motion was in order after remarking that Cipoletti had cost the organization $2 million to $3 million in litigation. “There is a substantial basis for Mr. Horton’s request.,” Sirna said.

The vote carried unanimously.