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ANA Summer Seminar the place to be in late June!

So some may be saying: Why has not George Posted last week?

The simple answer is that I was attending the second week of the American Numismatic Association's Summer Seminar program at the facilities of Colorado College in Colorado Springs, the site of the ANA HQ and Museum.

The program is set up as a "Coin Camp" This year was its 40th Anniversary, and the founders - Ed Rochette and Adna Wilde were both on hand to speak with participants. In addition, ANA's new executive director, Larry Shepherd as well as several current and past officers were also on hand.

Classes are offered in one-week sessions. In each week, there may be as many as 12 classes on various topices from grading, authentication and photography, to specialty areas such as Early American Coppers, Coins of Mexico and World Paper Money.

The sessions run 9-4 with a break for lunch. After dinner, a selection of several two-evening long, six-hour long "mini seminars" are offered on additional topics. Finally, each evening, two 90-minute "bull sessions" are available.

Several highlights of each week include a duplicate book sale from the library (which raised over $6,000 for the two weeks) and a donation auction for YN scholarships (netting a two week total of over $35,000.)

It was a great time, and I would say that everyone would benifit from attendance.