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ANA Summer Seminar, put it on your hobby schedule !

Earlier this month I spent two weeks as an instructor at the ANA's Summer Seminar held on the grounds of Colorado College right next to ANA Museum and HQ in Colorado Springs.

This was my sixth appearance there. First three as an instructor with Emmett McDonald in a class on an overview of World Coins 1600-present. Twice as a participant in the Gilroy Roberts Art of Engraving class and for the past two years as an Instructor with the Badger Mint road show mini-minting demonstration.

Each time is different, and each time It is rewarding to see how folks react to new and dirrerent hobby questions and issues which are brought before them.

This year ANA president Clifford Mishler was in attendance and spoke before both weeks of Seminar participants on how spending just $100 or so on one's local, state, regional, national and specialized club dues would make the whole hobby stronger.

I agree with that philosphy. Having grown up in the hobby in the 1970s when most shows were club run and had a heavy bend toward educational programs and exhibits in addition to a bouse rather than the predominant commercial ventures of today where many shows do not even have educational exhibits. I am a joiner, and while in my 20's I became a life member of some groups such as the ANA, GSNA and AVA, memberships I enjoyed then and still enjoy today.

So, do remember to join, and be active in your local clubs!