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ANA show always offer collectibles of its own.

As final packing is being done by those traveling to Baltimore for the World's Fair of Money - the annual convention of the ANA, collectors should take a look at the show specific commemoratives.

Offered by the ANA are badges, 1.5 inch and 3 inch medal sets depicting Edgar Allen Poe. There is also the convention bar, a city name and tate item which you add on to existing bars, creating a railroad-tie type of hanger. It has generally lost favor in recent years, but as mine now number more than 25 (out of 35 years of ANA membership) I keep it up.

Exhibitors, judges and speakers get medals. Hard to get colectibles unless you participate.

The Token and Medal Society will have a Baltimore medal, as will many local clubs, and individual collectors.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing has a twice daily drawing for an opportunity to purchase (at $50.) a spider press proof done at the BEP exhibit. A spectacular item.

About 14 international mints will have current items for sale and the ANA make available a Mint Passport to insert coins from participating countires.

Some dealers may have items at their tables, be sure to look!