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ANA presidency for Ellsworth?

 Col. Steven Ellsworth

Col. Steven Ellsworth

A year ahead of the next American Numismatic Association election, Col. Steven Ellsworth is exploring the possibility of running for ANA president.

Ellsworth, who retired from the Army, is presently a member of the ANA board of governors.

“I have been encouraged to be a candidate for ANA president by a great number of our industry and collector leaders; many who are the iconic leaders of the ANA (say) that it is critical that I run. The amount of support, and who is encouraging me, has been humbling. Should I decide to be a candidate, I would want to continue the terrific efforts of President (Gary) Adkins and President Jeff Garrett’s instrumental work towards the long-term sustainability of our ANA. The world and our hobby is changing at an accelerated pace, and we will have to work even harder to remain the relevant force in the world of numismatics,” Ellsworth said.

The Nashville, Tenn., coin dealer has served on ANA committees for Budget, Finance & Investment, Marketing & Social Media, Audit, and Development, which he chaired.
To further the effectiveness of the Development committee, he has been active in the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), personally attending many local seminars and three international conventions at his own expense, Ellsworth said.

He said he has continued his financial sponsorship to enable ANA staff to also attend these important educational conferences.

During his term as ANA governor, he said he has contributed time, talent and treasure to educate the board and staff on the critical need for the association’s long-term development.

Ellsworth has been a very active board member in writing many new policies that have been adopted for the ANA. He said he has attended and participated in every teleconference and attended in person every board meeting since being elected.

He has been a continual recruiter of membership and of clubs. He has personally brought in three new ANA member clubs, recruited dozens of new members, and written several articles for The Numismatist.

At the same time, he has organized, sponsored, and promoted Nashville’s first Annual Coin Show. In addition, he continues to serve as an instructor, volunteering at Summer Seminar for over 20 years.

For more information, email him at

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