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ANA conventions too successful

Remember the “Tastes Great” vs. “Less Filling” beer commercials on television? I often recall them as I head to the American Numismatic Association convention. This year it is in Milwaukee, Wis., and I am driving.

I will be on the road just after this is posted and the crazy nature of the event sinks in. No, I am not referring to the recent board election. I am simply referring to the almost overwhelming nature of ANA conventions. They have gotten too big and too successful.

That sounds weird, but it is true. No matter what I choose to do at almost any given time during the event, the decision will keep me from participating in something else of equal importance.

Then the inevitable questions arise: why did the editor of Numismatic News think this or that not important enough to attend personally? That is not a spot I enjoy being put in.

If I had my druthers, I would be everywhere. Unfortunately, that statement is as silly as it is true. I have to make judgment calls. What do I need to cover to put into Numismatic News? What events do I have to be present for to be the news maker rather than the note taker?

Who is it important to meet at this convention? Can I see him or her at another event during the week?

No matter what I choose, I will miss something important. If you don’t see me, help me out. Let me know what I missed. Don’t rub it in – at least not too much.