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ANA campaign responses

The ANA sent letters to Barry Stuppler, Cliff Mishler and Chet Krause alleging a breach of ethics bylaws in their campaigns. Is the ANA being overly picky about candidate campaign actions?
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From the June 28 Numismatic News E-Newsletter:

The ANA sent letters to Barry Stuppler, Cliff Mishler and Chet Krause alleging a breach of ethics bylaws in their campaigns. Is the ANA being overly picky about candidate campaign actions?

Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.

Without a doubt! The politics and infighting of late is disgraceful and would lead me to believe that this is connected.

Robert Lorenz
McKees Rocks, Pa.

I would hate to see ANA politics degenerate to the level we see in state or national governmental elections. This hobby should not be about power for the individual, but about the enjoyment we all get from collecting rare, historic, artistic, and valuable artifiacts from our past. Anybody caught engaging in political dirty tricks, misleading campaign mailers, or other unethical conduct should be banned from serving on the ANA board.

Gregory Kipp
San Mateo, Calif.

It seems very strange that what appears to be an ANA board of directors with a majority of unethical characters that have acted in such secretive and unethical manners in the last several months, have suddenly received a moral awakening! Must have read the Ten Commandments-? Oh, I forgot! That?s against the law in this country! Must have been something else! Maybe someone is just trying to appear ethical. By the way, I sent my ANA ballot back as soon as I received it. I voted for everybody that wasn?t on the board! Kinda like the last national election! Thank you!

Steve Farrow
Jackson, Tenn.

Candidates should not be restricted to compaign in any numismatic forum as long as their campaign is restricted to ANA?s factual issues and not based on negative issues about other candidates.

Emilio M. Ortiz
ANA LM 2892
San Juan, Puerto Rica

The ANA has its nerve in accusing others of ethics violations. The whole current board of governors are flagrant violators of ethics. They are just scared that the new candidates will upset their apple cart and do away with most of the bull s---- things the current board has been up to, things the membership has objected to repeatedly. The current board just won?t listen or doesn?t care if we object. Their attitude seems to be ?we are in power, who cares what the members want.? Many of the new candidates have openly stated they will radically change things, per member preference, the current Bd can?t stand that.

Don Young
Harrodsburg, Ky.

When I was younger and met fellow coin collectors that belonged to the ANA I was impressed. Today, when I look at what?s happening with the ANA I see a bunch of kindergarten children that can?t seem to get along or a bunch of buffoons. I at one time had wanted to be a member of the ANA because I had considered it to be the ultimate for a coin collector. Today, I would be embarrassed to be a member of this once proud organization. I would think twice if I were offered a free membership. They have to do a lot to restore their tarnished reputation as far as I am concerned.

Roland C. Gauvin
Cumberland, R.I.

The current administration has alienated a huge segment of the ANA membership. These actions are systemic of the current administration of the ANA. The current administration is plagued with strife and turmoil that is unwanted and unhealthy for our organization.

With the current election ballots I received a survey form from the executive director of the ANA concerning my views about the ?Proposal for Revised Bylaws.? My recommendation was that the current executive director and Board cease and desist all action that will have long term affects on our association and just deal with the day-to-day operations until after the elections.

 I view this election as a vote of ?no-confidence? or ?confidence? for what has happened or perceived to have happened to the ANA in recent years.
 I think this election has candidates with extraordinary dedication and talents and they should be allowed to participate.

Robert R Maisch
ANA LM1717
Mobridge, S.D.