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American Eagle set sales climb again

Despite a negative buzz, sales figures for the two-coin gold and silver Eagle anniversary sets increased over the week prior.
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With hobbyists still buzzing about returning two-coin American Eagle 20th Anniversary Gold and Silver Sets to the U.S. Mint, sales actually increased by 523 sets to 19,195 on Oct. 2 compared to the week before. The maximum available will be 20,000 sets.

The negative buzz was started when it became known that identical 2006-W uncirculated gold and silver one-ounce coins would also be sold individually at prices totaling $110.05 less than the set. The set is priced at $850, while the gold piece alone is $739 and the silver Eagle alone is $19.95.

Individual coins went on sale Sept. 28. Sales of the two-coin set began Aug. 30.

To order, visit the Mint?s Web site at, or telephone (800) USA MINT.