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Always look for the next one

Last week while I was attending the Central States Numismatic Society convention I passed a milestone. It was my 30th anniversary of employment here at Krause Publications.

Time flies when you do what you love. I was able to be working on the occasion, attending the sale of the David Queller Family Collection and watching how someone who clearly loves the hobby and his coins lets them go to others.

David Queller offered his blessings to all of the buyers of his coins. What a noble gesture. It is an example that I have seen in numismatics often enough over three decades to know that we are a hobby populated by gracious individuals, who while deeply attached to coins themselves, also see the many other collectors out there who are as attached to their coins as they are and know in their bones the sense of achievement that being able to own significant rarities offers.

No sooner had the last lot sold and the excitement of the moment died away than David Queller was looking forward to working on other coin collections. That’s a real collector. It is also every collector.

In my time here, I have learned that you don’t have to buy an 1804 dollar to achieve that deep sense of satisfaction. It comes to us all as we acquire a 1909-S VDB cent to finish a Lincoln cent set or a 1913-S quarter to finish a Barber set.

Meaning comes from striving toward the collecting goal, no matter how we choose to define it, and taking satisfaction in acquiring the pieces that this goal entails.

Then there is that element of always looking forward to the next purchase and the next set. We are never satisfied, but in this condition we all take great satisfaction.

Too philosophical? Well, on an anniversary such as this, I hope you will allow it. I am still out here as we all move forward together.