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Alan can't be homeless

When I arrived at the Antlers Hotel yesterday in Colorado Springs just before 6 p.m., who was sitting in the lobby to greet me but Alan Herbert, the Numismatic News Answerman. I had expected to telephone him once I got settled in my room. We were going to go out for supper. Plans changed when he told me that there was no room for him in the hotel. He and I decided to share a room and that solved the problem. What event was filling the hotel I have not yet figured out.

Alan is in town to deliver a report to the board about membership. He is chairman of the membership committee. It has hit the floor running and has already had two monthly telephone conference calls, a rather new idea for an ANA committee. President Barry Stuppler has participated in both. Membership is critical to the future of the organization.

Alan said the tensions of the election campaign did not have an adverse impact on overall membership and as soon as the results were known, overall membership started moving ahead. The specifics of his report will be revealed later today. Membership has been hovering around 32,000 in recent years.

In addition to getting the attention of the ANA president, the committee includes some high-powered names, including newly elected governor Clifford Mishler and Farran Zerbe Award winners John and Nancy Wilson. It would be safe to call John and Nancy Mr. And Mrs. ANA. They have poured enormous energy over the years into recruiting new members. If we all did as they do routinely, there would be no need for a membership committee. The ANA would be beating them off with a stick.

Because of the time difference, I am writing this before my breakfast. Can you tell that this was written before that oh so important first cup of coffee? No? Well my stomach can. I am off to satisfy this most insistent of critics.