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Advision releases more than 50 new coin DVDs

Presentations included among these titles have been sponsored by numismatic collector organizations such as the American Numismatic Association, Early American Coppers and Florida United Nuimsmatists.
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Advision Inc. of Boulder, Colo., has more than 50 new DVD coin collecting titles available on its Web site at

These titles have been sponsored by numismatic collector organizations, including the American Numismatic Association, which offers Numismatic Theatre Presentations and the Maynard Sundman Lecture Series.

Those interested in early large cents and half cents are offered 10 new titles presented at the Early American Coppers Convention in Palm Beach, Fla. Florida United Numismatists also has new offerings from its annual convention held in Orlando, Fla.

Topics offered can help people interested in coin collecting learn more about the hobby, including world coins and paper money.

?Seldom does a collector, investor or hobby enthusiast have the chance to hear numismatic experts tell it all,? said Advision President David Lisot. ?These lectures are wonderfully researched about topics you will seldom see in books or the numismatic publications.?

The presentations have been professionally videotaped and mastered on a DVD that can be played on a home player or computer.

Retail price for each title is $24.95, with coin clubs discounts available.

Call (800) 876-2320 or visit Web site to learn more.