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Add another week

One thing I can always count on as a newspaper editor is that readers are the best proof readers. No matter how many times I read through material before it goes to press, the possibility is always there that I missed something.

If a typo slips through and is published, somebody always points it out to me. I appreciate the feedback.

This morning as I tried to clear my head for thinking, the thought occurred to me that what I wrote for a time line in my Thursday blog was a week off.

I mentioned heading for the American Numismatic Association convention in Portland, Ore., next week when I should have written in two weeks.

What was I thinking? Well, as with most things, I was in a hurry, my mind apparently was elsewhere and my glance at the calendar did not register the correct information in my brain.

But what is interesting is that nobody called me on it. I don’t know whether to thank everybody for being so polite so as not to mention the mistake, or to wonder if the topic was so bad that nobody bothered to read enough of it to bother with it.

In either case, I am sorry and I will try harder. A blog may be more casual than something for the print medium, but it still should be correct. When it isn’t, I will not hesitate to call myself on it.

Just to be clear, I head for Portland March 11. I am looking forward to it. I have enjoyed my prior visits there.