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Active collectors chase what they need

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The current buyer's market continues to roar. There aren't as many buyers as might be anticipated with supply being impacted by current precious metal prices as well as by the tepid level of demand.

Collectors are still out there. What is missing are the investors and speculators that would strengthen the demand side of the economic equation. The strength of the U.S. dollar is contributing to the low spot prices of gold, silver and platinum, while economic growth and stock dividends are more attractive to this same class of potential coin buyers. Interest in all commodities (with perhaps the exception of oil) and especially collectibles and antiques is diminished for this reason. What is of concern to many readers is the future of coin collecting.

The decline in and aging of membership in the American Numismatic Association throughout the past 10 years is cited as a measurable barometer. This, however, fails to take into account the rise in absentee bidding at public auctions and the number of people collecting almost exclusively through the Internet. It also fails to answer the question of whether this national club addresses what younger collectors find to be of interest.

Collectors are active. So is the market.

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