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A Quiet Moment in Gold

A Pause in Precious Metals

With Gold at an extremely low point, most analysts are considering what things may come. Some are looking for a bullish burst back above $900, some still look for $1000 gold before the year is out. Others are backing off their interest and diversifying.

, the dolly of many investors for most of the first and second quarters of 2008, have become a questionable refuge since the Fed hinted at raising interest rates. The stronger dollar that we are seeing this morning adds weight and confidence to the Fed's plans. Crude oil is still very high and futures are even higher, but with pressure easing off at the pumps some are less keen on this hedge vehicle.

So where to next? Looks as though a few forward thinkers are moving money back into more conventional investment quarters. This is a surprise to many, but it may be a smart way to spread funds and secure stability, if better economic times are ahead. Maybe it's time to look around and see what's available from firmer instituations, ones which remained conservative in their finanacial choices during the wild lending times.