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9-11 Book

Couple of weeks ago we checked out the local Goodwill store on the way home. Over the years I have found some good books and music cd's there. This being 2007 the memory of the 9-11-01 terrorist attacks are starting to fade from the public mind and we now have kids in grade school that were born after that date of infamy. In the small book section laying on top of the shelved books was a large white book, 9x11 inches and 568 pages, titled "PORTRAIT 9/11/01 The Collected "Portraits of Grief" From The New York Times" published in 2002, already in it's tenth printing and I had never heard of it! It is a very moving book featuring photos and short written descriptions of the lives of the nearly 3000 innocent victims murdered that day. So if you ever find yourself wondering why the US military is stumbling around in Iraq and Afghanistan like a wounded elephant trampling the natives get a copy of this book.