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35,000 High Reliefs sold

Collectors like the new High Relief $100 gold coin.

The Mint reports 35,000 sold of a possible 50,000 maximum.

The Mint website says the coins are currently unavailable, though a Mint spokesman said the website will be updated in the next 24 hours to indicate the coin is on backorder.

Issue price for the one-ounce coin is $1,490.

Adding in the $4.95 per order handling charge and the Mint will garner approximately $75 million from a sellout.

When collectors spend that kind of money, they are seriously interested.

For comparison, the sold-out Truman Coin and Chronicles set brought the Mint less than $1 million.

Commercial firms are already telling their clients that they will have the gold High Reliefs and you can sign up with them to be notified when they will have coins graded by two major grading firms available.

The coins went on sale at noon Eastern Daylight Time today.