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32ND Division Mothers Medal

The two years following the end of the First World War saw the greatest flood of military service medals in our history. Since the Federal Government didn’t show any interest in issuing a WWI service medal nearly everyone else decided to make sure that their veterans got a medal. State and local government units, veterans and fraternal groups, employers and even mothers groups issued medals. The medal illustrated below was issued by the Mothers of The 32ND Division to their boys. The obverse has the American Eagle, the Wisconsin State Arms and the 32ND Division Red Arrow symbol. The reverse has a blank name space and a nine line inscription. The medal was issued as a pocket piece without a loop or ribbon and a blank name space. When you see one like the one below with a ribbon and a name engraved on the reverse then you know that someone went the extra mile for their veteran or to sell you the medal. If the name checks out then you really have a nice medal.