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20th Century SCWC Ready for 37th Edition

Standard Catalog of Wolrd Coins 37th edition


After months of work from hundreds of contributors and staff we are finally nearing the end of our updating of the 1901-2000 Standard Catalog of World Coins listings. The book will be completely in the hands of our designer Sandi Morrison, within a few weeks and should be sent to the printer by the end of March. Copies of the new 37th edition should be available in the market by June 2009. When I have a review copy in hand, I'll post the news! In the meantime however, I can show you this sneak-peak of the cover design, which sports a color I don't recall having ever seen on an SCWC series book before now.


On another subject entirely, if you are looking for bargains you may want to take a look at all the new DVD'sKP has produced. There are currently about 9 titles available for purchase. You won't find these on the KP Books website, as they are only being offered through our Numismatic News websiteon the F+W Magazine Store at present. Prices are pretty good on the DVDs, for instance, the 1601-1700 Standard Catalog of World Coins DVDretails for $44.99 and is currently on sale for $34.99. The printed book for 1601-1700 SCWC, which is large and heavy, carries a suggested retail of $80.00, so the DVD offers a substantial savings, if you have a DVD drive and can work off your laptop or desktop PC or Mac. The same is true of the 1901-2000 Standard Catalog of World Coins 37th editon DVD, which retails for $44.99, but currently on sale for $34.99. The printed copy of the SCWC 37th carries a suggested retail price of $60.00, so a cheaper DVD is a good option if you like working on a computer screen.


Other current sales include; the 1801-1900 SCWC DVDfor $34.99 and the 2009 U.S. Coin Digest DVDfor only $9.99.

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