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20th & 21st Century SCWC Printout Mailings

Contibutor Printouts Hit the Postal System


Even though I am still involved in the last weeks of final production on the soon-to-be-sent-to-the-printer 4th edition 17th Century Standard Catalog of World Coins, the last couple of weeks I have been working on the start of next years 20th and 21st Century SCWC.

When preparing for a new edition of the Standard Catalog of World Coins the first thing we do is determine what printouts will be needed for our contributors. I do this with the help of our contributor data files, so if you are a contributor and you have not contacted me with any changes of address or interest, we will be sending you pretty much the same countries to update as you got last year. Once I have a list ready, our database specialist, Deb McCue starts running the needed country files. Once they are all complete, Deb prints out multiple copies of each needed country. That takes a plenty of time and a lot of paper. Deb used up several cases of printer paper this year!

While Deb is doing that, I write a cover letter, laying out the deadlines and instructions. I order envelopes, get labels run and get the letter printed.

After the printouts are run and filed alphabetically we set out pulling what each contributor needs, stuffing envelopes, labeling and sending them out. That's what I have been doing this last week.

While I have been working on the 20th and 21st Century Coin Catalog mailing, George Cuhaj has been working on a Modern Paper Money mailing. This year these books are running close together, so if you are a contributor on both, please set aside a little extra time this fall to concentrate on your suggested improvements, changes and price updates.

While most of the updating work done on our catalogs is still completed by hand, a few contributors have been sending in their updates electronically, using NumisMaster or in a few cases, a DVD of the book. I like the immediacy of these electronic contributions. I also like the way they save trees!

If you have an area of world coin specialty and would like to participate in your hobby by keeping the KP catalogs up to date, please drop me a line at I am always happy to hear from folks who want to share their expertise in numismtics!