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2016 quarter proof sets to return

The 2016 clad quarter proof set will go back on sale Feb. 23 after being pulled due to a packaging design error.

The $14.95 set briefly released Jan. 11 but sales were ended later that day. A statement from the Mint noted an error had been made on the packaging and that sales would resume once it was corrected.

The error packaging (

The error proof set packaging (left) and corrected version (right).

The error was the image used for the Cumberland Gap National Historic Park. The picture on the proof set packaging was actually that of the Cumberland Falls State Resort Park.

The 2016 silver quarter proof set will also have a new release date of March 7. It was previously scheduled for Jan. 25 but was never released. The set is priced at $31.95.

A number of 2016 clad quarter proof sets featuring the image mistake did end up in collector’s hands. Some have profited by selling the error sets on eBay where they’ve sold in the $45 to $65 range. Packaging errors, however, typically don’t see strong premiums in the long term.

This article was originally printed in Numismatic News Express.
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