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2011 5-oz sale starts April 25

Sales of the 2011 America the Beautiful 5-ounce bullion coins will begin April 25 when the Mint begins taking orders for the Gettysburg National Military Park and the Glacier National Park designs from its Authorized Purchasers.

The quantity of each design that will be available is 126,500 coins. That's up 1,500 coins from the last reported number and the Mint says that will serve as the baseline figure for all five designs. The Mint also reserves the right to strike more of them if market conditions warrant.

Minimum order from an Authorized Purchaser will be 2,000 coins.

Price of the coins to the AP's will be $9.75 plus the value of the five ounces of silver for each coin.

Collectors cannot order these bullion coins directly from the Mint and the restrictions that the Mint placed on the sale of the 33,000 2010 ATB bullion coins will be lifted for all Authorized Purchasers that certify to the Mint by April 21 that they have sold out of the 2010 coins and abided by all of the sales restrictions.

On April 28, the Mint will begin selling the numismatic version of the 2010 Hot Springs 5-ounce ATB coin. Collectors will be able to order them directly from the Mint. Quantity is just 27,000.