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2010 proof gold Eagles coming Oct. 7

Proof 2010 gold American Eagle coins go on Sale Oct. 7, the Mint has just officially announced.

Sales commence at noon Eastern Time that day.

Buyers will have the opportunity to acquire up to 64,000 one-ounce gold American Eagles. Up to 25,000 of these coins will be sold individually and up to another 39,000 in four-coin sets.

In addition to the 39,000 maximum in the four-coin sets, buyers will also be able to acquire another 15,000 half-ounce coins, 16,000 quarter-ounce coins and 27,000 tenth-ounce coins individually for total possible mintages of 54,000, 55,000 and 66,000 respectively.

Demand could exceed supply this year because none was sold in 2009.

Prices are not yet determined. They will be set according to the Mint’s pricing formula.

There we are. That’s now two proof American Eagles programs down, the platinum and gold, with one possible one, the silver, to go.