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2010 program keeps on 'giving'

You and I know that the year is 2011. Detroit is not unveiling new cars of the 2010 model year.

But the U.S. Mint is gearing up to release the 2010 model year of the collector versions of the America the Beautiful 5-ounce silver coins on April 28 starting with the Hot Springs design.

Yesterday our e-newsletter went out heralding this long-awaited development and already I am sure hobbyists are trying to figure out how to buy one of the 27,000 pieces that the Mint will sell.

At least two recipients of the e-newsletter and probably more thought our announcement story had a typo in it.

We couldn’t possibly mean 2010, could we?

Who edits your stuff one email sender demanded?

We must mean 2011, a second email wrote.

Other recipients probably thought the same thoughts as these two but didn’t contact me.

It is hard to keep track of this snake-bitten Mint program, isn’t it? This is especially true since the bullion investment version of the 2011 designs becomes available just three days earlier on April 25.

A third email sender just waled into me after lashing out at Authorized Purchasers for the handling of the bullion investment version of the ATB 2010 coins and any dealers who seemed to have more than one set available for sale.

I was accused of helping some readers obtain these sets while not helping him. He didn’t tell me how I did this.

Such are the scars of disappointment.

Such are 2010 scars still being inflicted in 2011.

And, yes, I do mean 2010 scars.