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2009 World Money Fair - Media Forum Series


World Money Fair - Media Forum – 2009

This years Media Forum at the World Money Fairin Berlin, Germanyoffered data on a vast array of new issue coinage from around the world. Hans-Henning Goehrum, President of the World Money Fair AG opened the program with dignified remarks, noting that there were 52 Mints represented at World Money Fair 2009, though only 18 of them would have the cherished opportunity of speaking at the Media Forum. Time is, of course, the problem, as a program of 18 presentations took over 3 hours to complete! Time is a precious commodity at the World Money Fair, but even so, I noticed that the audience was even larger than last year, indicating a healthy growth for the show and this event in particular.

In February I posted a quick rundown of the 2009 Media Forum, but over the next few weeks I will be posting serialized reviews of the Media Forum announcements by all 18 participating Mints, to give my readers a view of what coins are coming thier way this year. These reviews will also be appearing in the April issue of World Coin Newsas a single 2009 Media Forum article.