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2007 Sac dollars released by the Mint

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They won?t get an introduction at Grand Central Terminal in New York City, but 2007 Sacagawea dollars will be released March 20 and bags and rolls will be sold by the U.S. Mint.

Under terms of the law authorizing the new Presidential dollars, one-third of all dollar coins struck each year must be the Sacagawea type.

Rolls of 25 coins will be sold by the Mint for $35.95 each and bags of 250 coins are priced at $319.95 each.

The 2007 Kennedy half dollar will also be offered by the Mint on March 20 in roll and bag quantities. Two-roll sets, one from each mint, are priced at $32.95 per set. Each roll contains 20 coins. Bags of 200 half dollars are priced at $130.95 each.

A charge of $4.95 is applied to all orders by the Mint. Check the Mint?s Web site at