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2006 nickel numbers just part of the excitement

New sales figures feature updated numbers for 2006 nickel.

There?s never a dull moment around here.

Why just today a computer problem resulted in me losing a group of stories I had written for this week?s Numismatic News. And by lost, I mean they?re gone, floating out in cyberspace somewhere never to be seen again. So, once again, I?m in scramble mode. Seems like it?s been that way for weeks now.

But that doesn?t mean we don?t have news for you. There?s a new addition to the boxes, namely the sales figures for the 2006 ?Return to Monticello? nickel. Two-roll sets seem to be selling well, with 94,952 gone already. Activity in the 500- and 1,000-coin bags hasn?t been quite as strong, but that seems to be par for the course with such products.

As I write this, it?s Day 2 of Ben Franklin commemorative sales. Will it be a hit like the Marine commemorative, or will it struggle like the John Marshall? Only time will tell, but we should get an indication of how they?re going to do by next week?s edition.

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