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1801-1900 Standard Catalog Update

Standard Catalog of World Coins 1801-1900


The first phase of work towards next years updating of the 1801-1900 Standard Catalog of World Coins 6th edition is under way. What is the first phase you might ask? My friend and coworker Deb McCue runs a vast selection of printouts from a request sheet I spill out of our contributor files. My friend and coworker Sharon Rustad runs mailing labels. Then I pack each contributors printouts, afix their mailing label and ship out all the packages going to U.S. addresses. For addresses outside the U.S., Deb fills out a customs form and then they too get shipped out.

We are almost finished sending out all these printouts, so all of our loyal contributors should be receiving their packages by the end of the year. If you were expecting to contribute to the 6th edition of the 1801-1900 SCWC and have not received your country printouts by the first week in January 2009, please drop me an email.

I think we must have shipped out about 200 packs of printouts over the last six weeks! It's a big job to get this large project rolling, but doing it early helps contributors to have enough time to complete all the adjustments and updates in time for our book production period, which begins in May, 2009. The first two weeks in May is our dealine for the 6th edition. All materials for updating must be in my hands by, or before, May 15th.

Some of our contributors have been using the suggestion system on NumisMaster to send in updates, images and additional data. This has been working pretty well and I hope we can expand the online input capabilities at some point in the future. Until then however, we will have to keep printing and shipping, a tedious task, but one which helps to keep the SCWC series a vital part of our shared hobby.