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17th Century Revision Work Continues

1601-1700 Revisions Continue


Looks like a very busy week ahead for me and my co-workers as we continue our mighty revision of the 1601-1700 coinage for a new 4th edition of the 17th Century Standard Catalog of World Coins. I have been working through this weekend and several of my co-workers have given up their free time over the last few weeks in an effort to complete all the desired changes to our database in time for the new catalog to be available in the market by November of this year.

I have been finding lots of interesting coins as I scan through auctions in search of pertinent information. Some very tough German States issues have been offered here and there over the last eight years.


In the September 5, 2006 UBS Auction 65, I noticed an extremely scarce 60 Kreuzer, or Gulden, of Pfalz-Simmern from 1661. This example realized about $4,600 in VF condition, with a planchet flaw. Someone who knew more than most was willing to pay a very good price to add this scarce example to their collection.

But this is just one example among countless price changes we have been entering over the last few months. With all these dramatic revisions, I am anticipating that this may be one of the best catalogs I have ever had the pleasure of editing.