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14 candidates vie for ANA governorship

Members of the American Numismatic Association will have approximately four weeks to register their choices in a mail ballot vote that will conclude June 26. Each candidate was asked to supply a statement specifically for Numismatic News readers.
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Editors Note: Members of the American Numismatic Association will have approximately four weeks to register their choices in a mail ballot vote that will conclude
June 26.


Each candidate was asked to supply a statement specifically for Numismatic News readers. They will be presented this week in the commentary section with the presidential candidate statements on Tuesday, the vice presidential candidate statement on Wednesday and the statements of 14 board candidates presented in alphabetical order on Thursday.


Michael L. Ellis
for Governor

We need a hard-working, diligent, communicative board whose members exude enthusiasm for our community while further improving the association.
I am a longtime servant of the ANA because I believe in the mission and love the people. Most recently I have worked hard on your behalf, refusing to let the ANA continue a downward spiral.
I served 12 years as a board member and officer of CONECA, the last eight as President. During that time I led CONECA from a little known specialty club to a well-known, highly respected national organization that leads the numismatic community in error and variety research and education. I am a frequent contributor to and editor of numismatic publications of all kinds.
Currently I am the senior grader and variety specialist for Dominion Grading Service (DGS) where I continue to write numismatic articles and blog at and


Joseph E. Boling
for Governor

Two years ago I ran for ANA governor on a platform of “change” (sound familiar?). Evidently, the membership also wanted to see change – your votes led to the replacement of every governor on the board. During the time that the present board has been in office, we have implemented changes in the ANA’s leadership and in the ANA’s approach to its objectives. But there’s more work to do. We have not resolved all of the legal and financial issues incurred by the previous leadership. I believe that I still have contributions to make to the ANA board, and I want to do that.
If elected, I will continue to represent the membership of ANA in the manner that I believe you desire (and I welcome any comments or requests that you wish to make in that regard). I request your support in achieving the office of governor of the ANA.


Brian E. Fanton
for Governor

As an ANA life member and a collector for over 55 years I’d like to give back to the ANA for all the rewards and fun you receive. Being a member gives you many opportunities to get a great education, use the unlimited resources,and start many great friendships that will last a lifetime.
In life you cross many roads and after my 40-year career I now want to give back my time to make the ANA the best association in the world. We need to fix all the past problems and set a path for the future so the board and members will have a plan to follow. My life has included working on many boards and with this experience I want to help solve any problems we need to correct. I’ve been a business owner, mediator, city commissioner, veteran and family man. The ANA is a great family with a goal to educate and have fun enjoying the hobby.I want to help continue this idea.


Jeff Garrett
for Governor

There are many important issues facing the ANA and numismatics: membership levels, financial strength and budget concerns, convention issues, Summer Seminars, education, counterfeit coinage and Internet strategy
My previous 15 years of board experience with the Professional Numismatist Guild, having been Treasurer and President, will be useful experience when dealing with these complex issues facing the ANA. I have also run a successful rare coin business for over 35 years.
Numismatic education is the foundation of my latest efforts in numismatics. Recently I have authored several works, including 100 Greatest U.S. Coins and Encyclopedia of United States Gold Coins. The Smithsonian Institute has also been an important part of these efforts, including raising over $2,000,000 for numismatic exhibits. More information about these projects can be found at
I look forward to serving the organization that has meant so much to me for many years. Please consider me with your vote in this summer’s election.


Alan Herbert
for Governor

Most of the current ANA governors probably will be re-elected to that office, a well deserved reward for re-establishing the ANA’s good name and bringing the budget under control. I had the distinct pleasure of serving with them for about 10 months. This board is like most previous boards in that we all got along well, aired our differences without rancor and abided by majority rule.
We are not home free. Much remains to be done and the board will spend many hours working in the best interests of the ANA and the members. Raising dues and charging admission to the museum and to our national shows are but the first steps in keeping our ship on an even keel.
I have worked hard for you. I have no personal agenda, and I would appreciate your vote. The governors serve as your voice, so your wishes are heard. One of the key priorities is establishing better communications between the members and the board. Toward that end we have established a feedback channel on the Web site through which you can reach the entire board with one message.
Your vote counts, so don’t waste it by not voting.

Paul Hollis
for Governor

The coin collecting hobby has seen explosive growth over the last several years, but the vast majority of these new collectors are not aware of the American Numismatic Association. As a result, the ANA membership has not kept pace with the huge expansion of our hobby.
I have loved coins for the last 30 years and I have promoted our hobby nearly every day since receiving my very first coin. I would like to bring all of my enthusiasm and passion to the table and assist the American Numismatic Association with the many challenges ahead. I offer bold new leadership and I promise to bring forward an unparalleled level of energy in helping to make appropriate decisions that advance our hobby.
I appreciate your consideration and I would be honored to have your vote.

Chester L. Krause
for Governor

He is, in his own words, “just plain Chet” – local farmboy and later carpenter turned publisher who put his hometown of Iola, Wisconsin, on the world publishing map. In 1952, Chet founded what would later become Krause Publications In the ensuing decades, his modest start grew into an internationally known, multimillion-dollar publishing firm.
Chet’s love of coin collecting let to his foray into publishing, and he remains a fixture in the numismatic hobby. Among his many hobby-related awards is the American Numismatic Association’s highest honor, the Farran Zerbe Memorial Award. His other ANA awards include the Medal of Merit, Glenn Smedley Memorial Award, Numismatist of the Year, Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award and Award of Exemplary Service. He is also a member of the ANA’s Hall of Fame and in August 1999 he received the ANA Numismatist of the Year Award.
Chet received his ANA 50-year gold membership medal in 2002 – his life membership number being 318. He believes his hobby/business background would continue to aid the Board of Governors. Upon re-election to the Board of Governors he would bring to the board 56 years of experience as a member.


J.P. Martin
for Governor

J.P. Martin – LM 4000, age 52. As a candidate for the ANA board, I offer a unique perspective, as a collector since 1965, an honorably discharged naval veteran, coin shop owner/dealer, bibliophile/dealer, authenticator/grader, ANA staff member from 1984-1998, Secret Service adviser, and recently, Kyle’s father.
I am an ANS life member, Numismatic Ambassador, and Glenn Smedley and ANA presidential award recipient. I was awarded an honorary ANA doctorate, taught ANA Summer Seminar for 25 consecutive years and certified nearly 3 million coins for collectors through ANACS/ANAAB/ICG.
I owe the ANA a great debt. As ANA governor I will repay that debt. My objectives are to serve the organization to the best of my ability, with respect and humility for the office and a sense of humor.
My record of service shows what you can expect from me as governor.
I believe in education, membership feedback, long-term planning and an effective headquarters staff.


Walter A. Ostromecki Jr.
for Governor

Two years ago, the ANA membership chose to elect me as one of seven new governors. For this trust, I am both honored and truly grateful!
The current Board has had to deal with a full plate of issues. We’ve focused on three things: saving the ANA first, developing a long rage financial strategy/plan and keeping our membership in the highest regard.
I would like to see the task through to completion, namely: the resolve of our legal matters, revision of the bylaws, reinvigoration of the national volunteer representative program, increased member benefits, more on-line educational resource programs through the Florence Schook School of Numismatics, and including more family-oriented fun activities.
I have been an active hobbyist and educator for nearly 40 years. Currently, I chair the ANA education Committee. I am a numismatic writer, speaker, exhibitor, youth hobby advocate/promoter and retired 37-year secondary school educator/administrator in Los Angeles.
I have been honored with 10 ANA awards, more than 25 major ones from international, national and regional associations and am a Numismatic News Ambassador. I am ready to serve you.


Thomas A. Palmer
for Governor

I’m running for the ANA Board of Governors for several reasons.
First, I want to help lead our organization through its present financial difficulties. ANA is a multimillion-dollar operation, so my background as financial manager in a federal agency is a strong asset.
Second, I understand the points of view of both dealers and hobbyists. I was bourse chairman for the Maryland state show for five years and learned to know the dealer community. I’ve been an active numismatist for over 40 years as collector, judge, exhibitor, and author, so I understand the hobbyist’s views. And combining numismatics with management, I was general chairman of the World’s Fair of Money in Baltimore.
Third, I want to help expand ANA’s numismatic education and outreach. I’ve been an asset to clubs and collectors wherever I have lived, and now I’d like to offer my abilities to ANA in an expanded role. I am Life Member 5068.


Scott Rottinghaus
for Governor

For the first time in several years, the ANA has stable management. This puts the incoming board in a unique position to forego micromanagement and focus on its vision for the future of numismatics.
I have the business experience, problem-solving skills, and open-mindedness to guide that vision. I joined the ANA in 1985 and won Outstanding YN in 1988 and YN Best of Show in 1991. I have authored 32 numismatic articles. I have been a regular instructor at the Summer Seminar, attending since 1987 and mentoring and chaperoning YNs since 1998.
A physician educated at the University of Cambridge and the Mayo Clinic, I run clinical trials at Pfizer and am on the faculty at Yale School of Medicine.
As a longtime collector of ancient coins and the father of two young numismatists, I am deeply and personally interested in the future of our hobby. I will bring a fresh outlook to the ANA. I am full of energy and enthusiasm and ready to work for the future.


Jeffrey Swindling
for Governor

It’s time the board had a more youthful member to help guide the ANA into the future. With youth comes fresh perspective, creativity, and problem solving abilities totally different from established thought processes.
My goals include: 1) Supplying vision, innovation and knowledge to the Association. 2) Strengthening the ANA’s educational mission and online presence. 3) Keeping the budget in line, and increasing donations and financial gifts. 4) Serving as an advocate for the encouragement and growth of young collectors. 5) Increasing membership through recruitment and retention. 6) Providing incentives to clubs and dealers who support the ANA and its mission. 7) Promoting ANA Scouting-related numismatic programs.
ANA Recognitions: 2003 Outstanding YN of the Year; 2005 Century Club; 2007 Glenn B. Smedley Award; 2008 Member Booster Award; and 2008 Outstanding District Representative.
If you believe the board needs some fresh views, and youthful enthusiasm then vote for Jeff Swindling.


Michael S. Turini
for Governor

The American Numismatic Association has done much for me, and it is time now for me to pay back with interest the association that is much of my life. The association has several pressing issues, yet ANA members also need to look into the future.
Therefore, my vision for the ANA is fun, family, fellowship and fraternity.
My platform for the ANA is building relationships with kindred hobby organizations, membership retention and recognition, and the representative program.
My vision and my platform may not have all the answers. But, I do offer my sustained dedication, willingness to listen and to learn, and my passionate enthusiasm.
Coins have been described as that ageless echo across the centuries, countries, and cultures. As governor, I hope to enhance, to excite, and to enthrall that ageless echo.
Remember: Have fun with your hobby! Always aerve Others! Enjoy your xollecting! And, create hope!


Wendell A. Wolka
for Governor

I am an incumbent running for re-election to the Board of Governors. I took part in the redirection and revitalization of the ANA during the last two years and would like to finish the job during the next two years.
I am willing to make the hard decisions that need to be made, even if unpopular, to return the association to a robust financial position (not just balancing the annual budget, but rebuilding the association’s endowment fund and other restricted accounts). This will allow the ANA to again aggressively pursue its educational charter, provide increasing value to members whether they be collectors, dealers, or clubs, and survive difficult financial times such as now.
If you believe that a good start has been made on righting the association and that the team who started the process should be kept on the job to finish it, I earnestly solicit your vote.