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World turns, so do spinning coin holders

Can a quarter holder that looks like a large snowflake attract youngsters?

That is the hope of a Phoenix, Ariz., inventor named Elia Martinez.

Each snowflake has room for five quarters.

There is a hole in the center, allowing each one to be stacked on a peg and spun like wheels on an axel.

Five designs were issued each year of the state program, which began in 1999 and ended in 2008.

A state type set would be 10 stacked holders.

“To interest children in the fast-paced digital age, we need to have a way to hold their attention and give them a way to engage with the hobby on their level," Martinez said.

The new product is called the Coin Carousel.

Carousel is what Martinez calls each snowflake-shaped holder.

Together they form a numbered library storage system.

The firm making these is called LAgeek.

The new holders are intended for use to “collect, store and display U.S. quarters minted after 1932.”

That would cover the Washington quarters in all their incarnations from silver, to clad, to state, to territory, to America the Beautiful.

The holders are made from what is described as high-impact materials.

The cost of a set of 10 holders that would be enough to hold all state quarter types is $29.99.

A Colossal Carousel that holds 35 of the five-coin holders is $87.99.

There are other sizes as well.

Will being able to spin coins rather than laying them flat in an album attract youngsters?

That is the hope.

Only time will tell.

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