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Winning Sacagawea Design For NGC Label

On Dec. 19, Numismatic Guaranty Corporation announced that the winning design for the Sacagawea label contest was No. 2.

A decisive 45% of the voters preferred Option 2, a painted portrait of the Shoshone teen guide for the Lewis and Clark Expedition with an eagle overhead.

The winning design for the 2020 Sacagawea dollar label.

The winning design for the 2020 Sacagawea dollar label.

Second and third place, with 26% and 24%, respectively, were Option 4, a portrait of Sacagawea pointing in the forest, and Option 3, a portrait taken from the coin.

The distant 4th place finish was a design nearly identical to the winner — except without an eagle.

Voting began Nov. 15 and ended Dec.15.

The new labels will be available for free for all NGC Collectors Society members and NGC Authorized Dealers for 2020 Sacagawea Dollars submitted in 2020.

The Sacagawea Dollar has been minted every year since it was introduced in 2000. More than a billion Sacagawea Dollars were minted in its inaugural year.

Since 2009, the reverse has been updated annually with a design related to Native American contributions to US history. The portrait on the obverse has remained constant for 20 years: Sacagawea glancing over her shoulder with her infant son, Jean Baptiste.

The coins are notable for their golden color, a result of an alloy of 88.5 copper, 6% zinc, 3.5% manganese and 2% nickel.