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Unusual World Coins Catalog now available in 5th edition

Unusual World Coins 5th edition now available !

Colin Bruce, Tom Michael and I were busy this summer collecting data, processing images, and actually buying some of this stuff for the new edition of Unusual World Coins. The the dollar and quarter prototypes of Daniel Carr are included, but the Ron Paul issues of the liberty dollar series have been added to the data base since the book went to the printer, so they are not in the book, but are available in the on-line database.

A bunch of new places have been listed, descriptions expanded, and prices updated based on recent auction and price list appearances.

The catalog is a robust 586 pages of listings in the traditional 3 column format, with 36 pages of additional introduction material and ads.

Retail price is $45.00 USD. However, discounts are available from the usual suspects.

The UWC catalog listings are an option on the electronic NumisMaster database, at
and new listings will appear on that platform continually.