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Story of royal order in book

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A book has been published to reveal the unpublished history of the Royal Portuguese Order of the Tower and Sword, and the journey between continents of its insignia and medals for valour and loyalty.

It is written by Antonio M. Trigueiros.

On Feb. 6, 2018, Portugal and Brazil celebrated 200 years of the coronation of King João VI, the only head of state of the United Kingdom of Portugal and Brazil (1815-1822) and the sole European monarch crowned in the Americas.

This book is published in his honor, being the result of years of research in the national archives and museums of Portugal, Brazil and Great Britain, unveiling a wide range of unpublished documentation, allowing a new insight into the regency and reign of “The Good King Dom João.”

Price in the United States is 68.50 euros, which was $84.25 as this was written. In Europe, the price is 58.50 euros, VAT exempt.

To order a copy please contact Trigueiros by email at:

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