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Standard Catalog of World Coins goes DVD, a guest blogger

DVD Puts 5 1/2 Inches of Catalog in 1/2 Inch Case

George is duplicating Tom Michael's blog from last Friday. Great news.

At theANA this year Krause Publications released a special three volume set of the 19th, 20th and 21st Century volumes of the Standard Catalog of World Coins as a three disc DVD set. This caused a good deal of excitement, as one might have expected.

There have been plenty of people asking for the Standard Catalog on Disc over the years, but it was some recent developments regarding database development which finally led us to be able to provide this long awaited product.

The set features the most recent editions of the three catalogs, each of which was produced within the past eight months or less. The book covers can be seen on the right front of the DVD case shown here. Each disc presents one volume in it's original page format, so it's just like scanning the pages of the catalog, but without the girth of a heavy book in your lap or on your desk.

Total page count is about 3,760 and total images are roughly 82,750. You can enlarge the images pretty well also, as these are direct from our files, without any second generation degrading. Navigation works through Adobe Acrobat, which is the software which reads the discs. You can do country name or key word searches to find the sections you seek.

The cover prices on the three catalogs totals to $150, but the cost of this three disc DVD set is only $100. At the KP booth at the ANA show last week this new disc set was a featured item, being sold for the special show discount price of $80. At that price I saw many smiling faces, so when I got back here to Iola, I started thinking that maybe I could get fellow Blogger and editorial director Debbie Bradley to extend this discount to my readers for a while. I do so like smiling faces! Anyway, just this afternoon she agreed to allow me to offer that same show special price of $80 to all my Blog readers from now until October 1st.

So if you would like a set of Standard Catalogs on DVD, just email me at and ask for my special ANA show - Blog extension discount of $80 for the three disc set. You'll have to pay shipping, which is $3.95, so the total will be $83.95, but still, what a deal! Consider it my little way of saying "Thank's" for stopping by to read my postings.

George and Tom