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Spain marks passing of escudos

It is 150 years since Spain abandoned the escudo as part of a total makeover of the nation’s currency. To mark the anniversary of the last escudo, Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre – Real Casa de la Moneda [Royal Mint of Spain] – has produced a series of replica escudos stuck as .999 fine gold euros that trace the history of this historic gold coin.


A 19 mm, 3.375 g 50 euro (1 escudo) comes with a mintage of 2,500. It reproduces the escudo of 1759 struck for Ferdinand VI at Casa de la Moneda de Popayán in Colombia (KM-29.2). The obverse shows the effigy of Ferdinand along with his legend but this year’s date.

The reverse bears the Lesser Royal Arms of the monarch along with the legend: NOMINA . MAGNA . SEQUOR . J, the mintmark of Real Casa de la Moneda, and the face value of 50 euro.


The 23 mm, 6.75 g 100 euros (2 escudos) has a mintage of 2,000. It shows the 1607 coin struck for Philip III at Real Ingenio de la Moneda de Segovia [Segovia Mint]. The obverse carries the Royal Arms of Philip along with Segovia’s aqueduct mintmark, the assayers initial, and the 100-euro denomination. The legend reads: PHILIPPUS . III . D . G.

On the reverse is the Cross of Jerusalem surrounded by the simple legend HISPANIARUM . REX with original date replaced by 2018.


The 200 euro (4 escudos) has been struck on a 30 mm, 13.5 g flan with a mintage of 1,500. It is a reproduction of the Castilian 4 escudo produced at Seville Mint during the reign of Philip II. The actual date of striking is unknown, as these coins were undated until 1588.

The obverse bears the crowned Royal Arms. To the right is today’s face value of 200 euro with the mintmark to the left. Legend reads PHILIPPUS DEI GRATIA.

The reverse carries the Jerusalem Cross surrounded by the legend.


The 400-euro (8-escudos) coin comes on a 38 mm, 27 g flan with a mintage of 1,000. It depicts the 8 escudos struck for Philip V at Madrid in 1719 (KM-316).

The obverse shows Philip’s Arms surrounded by the Golden Fleece with the Cross of the Order of the Holy Spirit on its chain. The legend is a simple PHILIPPUS . V . DEI . GRA.

The reverse has the Jerusalem cross, the legend HISPANIARUMN . REX., the mintmark, face value, and 2018 date.

The new coins are available separately or as a set.

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