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Something seems missing on $1 coin

 The obverse design of the American Innovators dollar coin (top) looks kind of empty.

The obverse design of the American Innovators dollar coin (top) looks kind of empty.

Ready for another dateless dollar coin?

How about one without a mintmark or “E Pluribus Unum?”

This is not going to happen, but some collectors might think it has when they first see the new 2018 American Innovators dollar coin that went on sale Dec. 14.

The whole upper half of the obverse seems so empty as to scream for something to be added.

The date, mintmark, and E PLURIBUS UNUM motto will be on the edge, just like they are on the annual Native American dollars.

However, I don’t think it unfair to say that many collectors don’t like this date placement on the Native American coins.

Decades of experience have trained them to look for a date on the obverse. When they don’t find one, their first thought will be to wonder where the heck it is – even if it is missing.

Of course, it will slowly sink in that the date might be on the edge.

But with all the empty space on the obverse, the logical question is why hide the date on the edge?

The American Innovators dollar series is kind of a stealth program, anyway. It was not meant to be, but because the authorization passed Congress so late in 2018, the Mint has been rushing to get the first coin in the series released as the law calls for.

This will then be followed by four new designs in 2019 and four more each year through 2032 – another 56.

These “local” designs will begin like state quarters, as concepts submitted to the Mint by the respective governors or executive officers.

While nearly all designs will represent something from each state or territory, the very first design is generic.

The brilliant proof coin is $6.95 each with an “S” mintmark on the edge.

Twenty-five coin rolls from Philadelphia and Denver will be $32.95 each. One hundred coin bags will be $111.95.

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